Vote FOR Prop 4 Ban A State Income Tax

You might be thinking… Texas doesn’t have a state income tax, so why the need for Prop 4?

While Texans currently enjoy the benefit of no state income tax, passing Prop 4 will keep it that way! Believe it or not, all it takes for the Legislature to enact a state income tax is a simple majority in the House & Senate, followed by a simple majority ballot referendum by Texas voters. Passing Prop 4 literally bans a state income tax in the Texas Constitution, making it nearly impossible for future Legislatures to enact one.

Voting FOR Prop 4 Will:

Protect Your Paycheck

Texans know far better how to spend their hard-earned dollars better than any politician in Austin. Let’s keep it that way.

Safeguard the Texas Miracle

People are flocking to Texas – and it’s not by mistake! Banning a state income tax sends a strong message to the nation that Texas is committed to remaining a taxpayer-friendly state that is “open for business.”

Preserve our Texas Values

Recent polling reveals that over 75% of Texas voters reject the notion of a state income tax.